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Coastal Vulnerability Model error

karthikarthi Member

Hi guys,

While I am running InVEST Coastal Vulnerability Model I got
an error I do not know, If you have any solution please inform to me.

The error message:

AssertionError: Error: 1.  00_PRE_landmass_aoi_adjusted is empty,

2.Are D:/Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary/coastal ulnerability/final_layers_6032019/layers/Land_Polygon.shp

3. Area_of_Interest2.shp mis-aligned


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @karthi -

    Well the first question is: Are those two input layers actually mis-aligned, as the error suggests? Does Land_Polygon.shp have data within Area_of_Interest2.shp? Are both of them in the same projected coordinate system? (Otherwise, a GIS may make them *look* like they overlap when they don't really because they're in different projections.)

    ~ Stacie

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