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Hi Nat Cap Gurus,
I remember reading in the user's guide or somewhere else on the InVest site that there is an archive of data that can be input into the models in the absence of more geographically specific data. I have been looking around the site for it and have found the publication data base . .  is that where the generic data is ? If not then where ?
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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Sorry, it's one of those things that's not in an obvious place on our website. If you go to the InVEST page, and scroll most of the way down, you'll find a section called Data Requirements and Data Sources For InVEST. There are lists with spatial data and values for some of the hydrology models. Is this what you're looking for? Also, most of the models have a Data Sources appendix in the User Guide that point to global sources.

    ~ Stacie
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