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DEMs, Burning / Carving and Filling

sniffadogsniffadog Member
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a couple of related questions on DEMS for sediment retention and other modules requiring flow routing.

1. Is SRTM suitable (for large area national studies). Or is it always advisable to use ASTER ?

2. When burning / carving streams what are the general rules. I am using either GRASS r.carve or a simple calculator approach, subtracting elevation units using a 0/1 coded stream raster. Any general guidance much appreciated.

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  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
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    Hi Benjamin, I can't comment for #1, but for #2 if you're carving streams it's best to use a subtle hand to avoid creating discontinuities and high slope values right on the riparian buffer. I haven't tested extensively but I expect the best approach is to subtract off the smallest amount you can disturb the raster that the correct stream layer shows up when thresholding the flow accumulation.
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