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carbon model intermediate output


I was run carbon model with successfully. I need to interpret my output. According to work principle model is running with carbon sample table. For example C_above 24 mg/ha but intermediate result C_above 2.16 mg/ha? Could you response please, how the model has generated the intermediate result for carbon pools?  Intermediate carbon pools work principle is very important to me. What is theoretical carbon pool intermediate data? Why are result decreasing between input table data and output intermediate map?



  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    The biophysical table units are in density mg/ha, but the raster pixel outputs are in total Mg.  Could that explain the difference you're seeing?
  • okey, I understood. first stage density mg/ha for each LULC type than second stage per pixel value C Mg. 

    Thank you!
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