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Carbon Model: How to compute values of above carbon pool for each LULC class?

I have been struggling with a basic principle of the carbon model, where one of the inputs is a table (.e.g csv) of each carbon pool associated with each LULC class. Specifically, say that I have a raster map of NPP (net primary productivity) and I want to use it to fill out above-ground values for each of my LULC classes. My question is: should I run a zonal statistics type of analysis and take an AVERAGE of NPP falling inside each of my LULC "zones", or should I take a SUM of NPP over each class? I guess I need to better understand whether the above carbon value should represent a cumulative measure for each class or an average. Any help is much appreciated! 


  • Hello,
    I am finding difficulty computing for the values of carbon pools (belowground and SOC). Is the default sample file of InVEST can be used for this purpose? Please help. Attach is my working file. Thanks.
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