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water yield model can't run


I don't know why it can't run.

Is the watershed information incorrect?

Thank you.


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @sammi_lu -

    First, all of those Projection warnings are saying that your input datasets are not in the same projected coordinate system, some are in GRS_1980_Transverse_Mercator and others in TWD_1997_TM_Taiwan. The first thing I'd recommend is fixing this, by reprojecting all of your inputs to be in the same coordinate system.

    Next, the KeyError 0 often means that there's a value of 0 in your land use/land cover map, but not a value of 0 in your biophysical coefficient table. All values in your land use/land cover map must have an entry in the biophysical coefficient table, so check that out next.

    ~ Stacie

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