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Water Yield Model: Z parameter in User's Guide

Hi, i've got all variables needs to run the model less Z parameter. I understand how calculate it showing the description like:

Z= (w-1,25)*P/min(Root_rest_layer.Root_depth) * PAWC

Now i have a couple of problems;

1-The User's Guide suggests that the value have to be between 1 and 30, when i use the formula the values are between 0,2 and 17,7 where is the problem? w = 2,2, P = raster datasets whit precipitation value in mm, Roots layers are both rasters in mm (depth) and PAWC is a fraction from 0 to 1 (maximun in the study case 0,18). Why i have values whit less than 1?

2-The User's Guide dont explain what is exactly the data that we need, "Z parameter" is a raster datasets?

Thanks in advance for the help.



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