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Biophysical table in Sediment Delivery Ratio model


I have NLCD landuse land cover data set which has limited legend compared to what is provided in sample Biophysical table for SDR model. So if for example my Land-use land-cover data has 8 categories, do I need to only keep those categories in the Biophysical table and remove rest of it?



  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Ibe -

    Your biophysical table should contain an entry for each land cover class that is in your NLCD land use/land cover raster. If you've got 8 classes, then yes, only keep those classes in the biophysical table. If you have extra entries in the table, it won't hurt anything, but will be confusing so I recommend only having the ones that you need.

    Also, please be aware that the values in the sample biophysical table should not be used for a real analysis, they are values that we more or less just made up for one small area in the U.S. They're fine for getting started and learning to use the tool, but then you'll need to do a literature search (our parameter database might help) to find SDR coefficients that are more appropriate for your area of interest.

    ~ Stacie
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