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Run of RIOS 1.0.0b10 x86 ends with Error 8 after 14 hours

kfreemankfreeman Member
edited November 2014 in RIOS

After running for about 14 hours, using 4 models with 10m cellsize rasters, RIOS ends with "WindowsError encountered: [Error 8] Not enough storage is available to process this command". There is enough storage on the hard drive, over 100GB. The failure occurred before writing the activities_portfolio folder.
I'm attaching the json file, the log file, the activities file, and the general_lulc_coefficients.csv file, which was used to replace the file that came with RIOS. Can the log file help determine what is causing this?



  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Kathy, sorry about this. Looks like it's out of memory erroring on the section of RIOS that attempts to make activities glob together; it does that with some gaussian smoothing. It's surprising that RIOS is taking *that* long to run and you get an out of memory error there. Is there any chance you have an extremely fine resolution to your input rasters or they are of a large size (n pixels wide and tall?). If so, is it reasonable for you to use a coarser resolution?

    If that's the case, in the long run we should support fine resolutions in RIOS, but it's been difficult for us to devote engineering time to it. It would be useful to us to see what's a reasonable set of data that folks are using.
  • Yes, our rasters are extremely large. They are 10m cells with cols. rows 14469, 12317.
    The 14 hour run had 4 models checked. I tried running again with only the erosion model checked and received the same error after about 5 hours. I also tried running the erosion model only on a server machine, that presumably has more memory than my laptop (I don't know the amount) and received the same error result. It almost seems like a memory management issue.

    I have resampled the data to a 30m cell so now the cols, rows are 4823, 4106. RIOS is ending normally now and we are getting results. Is there a practical limit on the raster size? Is the practical limit cols, rows 10,000, 10,000?

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