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Water Yield 2.5.6 error (in Arc 10.0)

JonJon Member
edited September 2013 in Terrestrial Models

I've been having trouble with the standalone version of the nutrient retention model for some time, and earlier it was recommended that I try the Arc version. I was finally able to get a computer upgraded from XP to Windows 7, and downgraded from ArcGIS 10.1 to 10.0, but I got an error when running the model (in the standalone version it runs without producing an error, although it produces -1 values in the output rather than valid values). Please let me know if you can think of possible causes and troubleshooting steps to try.

Here is the log text:

Executing: Water_Yield C:\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\WP_Nutrient_Retention C:/Users/sgiberti/inVest/InVESTinputs/Middle/precip C:/Users/sgiberti/inVest/InVESTinputs/Middle/modis_pet_nib C:/Users/sgiberti/inVest/InVESTinputs/Middle/soil_depth C:/Users/sgiberti/inVest/InVESTinputs/Middle/pawc C:/Users/sgiberti/inVest/InVESTinputs/Middle/landuse C:/Users/sgiberti/inVest/InVESTinputs/Middle/HUC8s.shp C:/Users/sgiberti/inVest/InVESTinputs/Middle/HUC10s.shp C:\Users\sgiberti\inVest\InVESTinputs\Middle\CTriver_middle.dbf 3 MINOF middle_arc
Start Time: Tue Sep 24 09:50:05 2013
Running script Water_Yield...

Validating arguments...

Checking input raster projections...

Running Yield calculations...

Error running Yield calculations:ERROR 000865: Map Algebra expression: C:\InVEST_2_5_6_x86\WP_Nutrient_Retention\Service\wy_middle_arc does not exist.
ERROR 000581: Invalid parameters.
Failed to execute (SingleOutputMapAlgebra).

Error running script
Failed to execute (Water_Yield).

Failed at Tue Sep 24 09:50:54 2013 (Elapsed Time: 49.00 seconds)


  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Jon -

    Sorry you're having so many problems, we're definitely in a transition zone with our models.

    It's not immediately obvious what's wrong, although I do worry about the length of your suffix ('middle_arc'), as the outputs of the model are in GRID format, which can't take more than 13 characters. If the original combination is longer than 13 characters, the script truncates the original part, but if too much of it is truncated, you end up with the same variable name being overwritten and weird things happen. For example, there might be output filenames called 'wyield_mean' and 'wyield_sum', both of which will end up having their names changed to 'wy_middle_arc'. Off the cuff, try giving a much shorter suffix (say 2 characters to test) and see if that helps.

    ~ Stacie
  • Thanks Stacie, that appears to have been the problem, the water yield model ran successfully! Now on to the nutrient retention model...
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