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Habitat quality inputs


I'm pretty new using InVEST. I would like to use habitat quality model to identify landscapes (current and future) with more favorable conditions for general terrestrial biodiversity. I have some questions:

1) The current and future LULC maps should have a "buffer of the width of the greatest maximum threat distance". So, I'm not sure how large this buffers should be (100, 200, 1000 mt?)...what would be the parameters to set this buffer?. 

2) Threat data: it is not clear to me how the MAX_DIST and WEIGHTS are set up..can be done using equations 4.1 or 4.2 in the user guide? 

3) Sources of threats data: each raster also need a "buffer of the width of the greatest maximum threat", again not sure how large would be these buffers. 

4) Habitat types and sensitivity of habitat types: I'm not sure 100% how to assign these values. In the InVEST dataset, the table "sensitivity_samp" has LULC=54 which is "forest close mixed" with a value of 0.6 for L_crp, 0.65 for L_rr, etc. These values are based on expert opinion?

Any comment/recommendation/answer, etc will be very appreciated, 

Thankssss a lot!
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