i wonder usle_c & usle_p factor

hello, all

am not so good at English.

So please be good to understand my awkward Englis

Please understand

i test sdr model.
download base data and using R, K ,DEM, LANDUSE90 DATA
finally Biophysical_Models. csv
but this talbe usle_c, usle_p factor, i don't understand... 100? 200??
c and p factor is 0~1..
attached the picture

thank you
best regard
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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Kim -

    Which version of the InVEST base data are you using? That table (Biophysical_Models.csv) looks like it is from a very old version. The values for USLE C should be between 0 and 1, as described in the User Guide.

    Please make sure that you're using the latest version of InVEST (3.3.1), and when you install it, you can choose to download the latest sample data for SDR. Or, download the latest Freshwater.zip sample data from here.

    Let us know if that data makes more sense...

    ~ Stacie

  • kimkim Member
    hi stacie

    I had mistaken the download file.

    so,Index of/ invest-data 3.3.1 freshwater file download.

    I appreciate your help.

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