Seasonal Water Yield rainfall events table

Dear all,

I need an information about the rainfall event table in the Seasonal Water Yield module.

A rainfall event is represented by one day of rainfall or more consecutive days with rainfall?

With an example:
The sequence of rainfall days 0,22,0,0,11,4,0 corresponds to 2 or 3 rainfall events?



  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Giulio -

    The rainfall event table gives values for the number of days when a "rainfall event" occurs, where a rainfall event is defined as >0.1mm, as noted in the User's Guide.

    If you have 7 days of rainfall represented by 0,22,0,0,11,4,0, and each value is in millimeters, this would represent 3 rainfall days, since there are 3 days with events of >0.1mm.

    Does this help?

    ~ Stacie
  • Yes,
    thank you
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