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RIOS budget scenarios: confussing results

JuanSeJuanSe Member
Hi there,

Recently I performed some RIOS runs under different scenarios of budget distribution, to invest USD 15M: 1) weighted average based on activity cost, so every activity would have the same area, 2) floating budget, and 3) budget distributed equally. The results are summarized here:

In general, for some of the activities the total budgeted is higher than the actual spent, because of spatial constraints set in the prevent/prefer section of the model, so that's fine. I also understand that, under the floating budget, the model creates the portfolio on a cost-benefit basis, so that is why a lot of money is invested in 'nutrient management' and none in 'conservation tillage' or 'cover crops'. What I find confussing is why under the 'equal budget' scenario, no area is assigned to 'conservation tillage' or 'cover crops', if I'm specifically assigning some budget to both, even higher than under the 'equal acreage' scenario.
I'm also attaching the logs for each run, if needed.




  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi JuanSe, could be lots of things.  RIOS is so complicated it's difficult to tell without seeing all the intermediate rasters.

    Can you dropbox your workspace, the argument .json flie you get from hitting the "Development -> Save args dict to file" and your original inputs in case I need those to richsharp@stanford,edu?

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