Interpreting NDR outputs

Hi everyone

I’m running NDR model on
INVEST 3.2.0 and I have some doubts about the final outputs. I ran the previous
version of nutrient retention and now tried the new NDR model and I could
calibrate the export values more precise than the older one. But I’m quite new
in the field, and I want to have the retention values at pixel scale, and I’m
not so sure how to derive them from the NDR factor… could you please give me
some inputs?




  • PerrinePerrine Moderator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Krla,

    Sorry for the slow reply. Some quick comments in case you still need help with the NDR model.

    There are numerous ways to calibrate the nutrient model, but one of the first things I'd recommend is to check your nutrient loads (for each LULC) and the observed data (nutrient export at the gauge). Are they for the same compounds, and the same years (or relatively close in time)?

    Re: the pixel values, one thing that changed between the previous model and the "NDR" one is that there aren't any retention values per pixel. If you need a spatially-explicit valuation of the retention service, we recommend using subwatersheds (or pixel values of the NDR factor).


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