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Module 2 Quiz Other Approaches and Tools / Selecting the Right Tools

Good evening again!
I also seem to be having problems with the above single question on this page. I have tried in
Firefox and Safari and I just keep getting x (wrong) again and again and
again (I have tried well over 10 times with different options!). There
is not even an option to show the correct answer, as there usually is,
whether you have answered correctly or not.
I'm not sure if I am being really dim or if there is a small problem.
Again any help will be appreciated.


  • martinmartin Member
    edited July 2016

    I'm not quite sure whether the issue has been resolved in the meantime, but this question is working fine for me.

    Are you talking about this one:
    Which of these are critical resources that should you consider when deciding on an ecosystem service framework and/or tool for your project? More than one answer is possible.


    Be assured that the question has a correct answer. : )

    Going there brute force by trying all the options might be a bit of a tough job, considering that you have 2^6 = 64 different possibilities ; )


    You could try to go about it asking yourself two questions:

    1. Which of these options do you think are important for an ecosystem project?
    2. Which of the options selected are actually Resources?

    Hope this helps a little.


    (and please don't post the same question multiple times, this only litters up the Discussion Forum and makes it difficult to find other answers)
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  • Morning again Martin

    Thanks for your reply (only one reply I note! I think another small tech problem was happening with the multiple posting). The problem was not really with the correct answer, the problem was with the system showing me it was the correct answer.

    I gave up on this question, as I did with Question 1, where I had the same tech problem. I was fairly sure of the correct answer, I just wanted confirmation from the system. Never mind!

  • HenryBHenryB Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    I haven't been able to duplicate the issue you're having with the MOOC platform on Firefox -- I'm still seeing the "show answer" button, which does display the correct answer. Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot of how the question looks for you? There should be a "show answer" button for that question, like the others. If I have something to show Stanford Online's tech support team, I'll have better odds of seeing what the technical problem with your courseware might be.


  • Hi Henry
    Thanks for getting back to me. I already finished the course a few weeks ago and just ignored the two questions which did not want to work for me. I will aim to go back in the next couple of days to the two questions which were causing a similar problem. It may be that I have a small issue somewhere in my computer which is causing the problems ... ? 
  • Hi Henry
    I just tried again and it's working for me!
    Thanks for your help.
  • HenryBHenryB Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Glad to hear it's working, Jessica!


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