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Module 2 Quiz Question 1

Good Evening
I just started this mooc a couple of days ago and reached the quiz about Belize in Module 2. I seem to be having problems with question 1 where you have to drag and drop text on to the picture. I have tried in Firefox and Safari and I just keep getting x (wrong) again and again and again (I have tried well over 10 times with different options!). There is not even an option to show the correct answer, as there usually is, whether you have answered correctly or not.
I'm not sure if I am being really dim or if there is a small problem.
Any help will be appreciated.


  • martinmartin Member
    The current version does show a Show Answer button, however I believe there might be an issue with the Quiz.

    Maybe this could be reviewed by the Course Staff:

    - I get a "Correct Answer" with also with a different allocation than provided in the Answer:


    Thanks for checking up on this : )
  • Morning Martin

    Thank you for your response. From the screenshot, it seems I was doing all I could but something 'technical' was not quite right. 


  • Morning Again
    I just went back to this and tried again, several times, with very small adjustments. I got wrong about six times, one example is below in the screenshot.
    However, after trying to replicate Martin's correct answer exactly for the placement, I got a correct answer!
    Note to self: try not to get too frustrated next time!
  • HenryBHenryB Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    I'm glad it finally worked for you -- sorry for the frustration! I will see if it's possible for us to make the question less sensitive so it doesn't take too precise a placement for the correct answer to come up.


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