Wateryield Value Error

Dear NatCap team,

Sorry for the so many postings! I am new to modelling and I am struggling quite a bit.

I am running the wateryield model and I am getting the following error: 
 "ValueError: There was not a value for at least the following codes [ 4  8 13 15 17] for this file D:\GIS\2_Prod\Outcomes\wateryield_workspace_LULC_90\tmp\tmpble0xf. Nodata value is: 255" (see the attachment with the full log)

What is wrong with these Land Use codes? 

In the outcomes folder I am getting the final results per pixel and for the watersheds. Can I trust these results as good?

Should I re-run the model? In case so, what should I try to modify?

Thanks a lot for your help!! 
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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Elena -

    Do all of these land use codes ([ 4  8 13 15 17]) have entries in your biophysical table? All land use types in your LULC must have corresponding entries in the biophysical table, with matching lucodes.

    ~ Stacie

  • elenaelena Member
    Hi again Stacie,

    I have re-written the biophysical table entries (see attachment), re-run the model and get the same error. The lucodes from the raster and the ones from the biophysical table all of them are the same... I do not know where is the problem :/ any further suggestion will be very much welcome

    Thanks a lot!!
  • RGriffRGriff Member
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    Hi Elena,
    Were any zeros created in your lulc raster when you mosaiced your lulc tiles together, if you did that step as part of your workflow? I just recently had that issue and a similar error using the SDR model. 

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  • elenaelena Member
    Hi Rob!

    Thanks a lot for your comment! I actually created my lulc raster from a shapefile. I have been rechecking again, and there are no zeros in the raster. In any case your remark is very useful as something to watch out when building mosaics! :)

  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Elena, can you post the entirety of your log from this run? There should be a .txt file in your workspace directory with it.
  • elenaelena Member
    Hi Rich! I continued the discussion in the thread "Attribute error: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'RasterCount'" as these two are related

    Looking forward to know your opinion
    Thanks a lot!
  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Okay, I'll close this thread so we can chat over there.
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