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Announce: An alternative RIOS preprocessing tool

Hi all,

I decided to roll my own RIOS preprocessor because I had a fair bit of trouble getting the preprocessing module to work (I don't have ArcGIS 10.2). I also see from the forums that other people have had some parallel issues with RIOS preprocessing. If you have python, you should be able to install it from:

with the python dependencies listed there. If you already have python on your system, you should be able to just

> pip install rios_preprocessor

and be set :) It _should_ work the same way as the existing RIOS preprocessor. The business part of the algorithm is in the main() function. I spent a fair bit of time with documentation, but let me know if it needs any further explanation.

Also, inspired by RIOS itself being open source, and having gotten permission from my employer, I've made the source code available on github under the same licensing schema as RIOS itself (i.e., feel free to fork/modify/pull it!).

Hope someone out there finds it useful!
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