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MESH Base Data

The 0.8.x version of MESH does not come pre-distributed with base data (we are still trying to figure out licensing of certain key datasets). The next release (0.9) will have this built in, which is due for release very soon. Until then, your best bet is to find/download/create your own data specific to your project location in the same way that other InVEST models would proceed (see their user guide for details) and then use those data to fill in your scenarios. Otherwise, contact me directly and I can give a license-free subset of the data (jandrewjohnson at


  • Hi,
    whre I can find a userguide better explaining MESH? I was not able to find that on the NatCap website.
    2 more questio, if possible:
    1- are you planning to include other ES in the MESH framework (e.g. Carbon seq/HQ)?
    2- when the MESH-SDG is supposed to be released?

    I'm thinking to apply this tool to a case study.
    Tnk in advance for the response,
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