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getting going with mesh


I am trying to get going with mesh (very exciting!) and am having trouble getting things set up. When I try to set the folder location to the default for the baseline data generator nothing appears to happen (I am just returned to the window where i select the default/manual), and I do not see the default folder where it should be. Likewise, MESH just returns me to the starting window, where I am prompted to select the default folder or set another one, if I try to set the folder manually instead.

I see the asterix indicating that this feature is not fully functioning yet, but I also see that it is working for carbon on the video tutorial. 
Is this as it should be, for the moment?



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    Hi Keri, the current version of MESH does not have the base data distributed with it. If you have your own data, it's ready to use it. Otherwise, I've made the base data temporarily available at this link: Just save the base_data folder that is inside the zip to your root MESH directory.

    The next version of MESH (0.9) will come with the base data integrated into the default installation, hopefully making this more clear.
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  • Update to this post to say that the current version (0.8.6) now does come with the base data, so for those wanting it, just download it via the installer.
  • Hello! 

    First of all, thank you for this great tool! 

    I was trying MESH for the water yield model and saw that it was using the worldclim bio12 as an input for precipitation. Just wanted to point out, that this should be annual average precipitation rather than annual sum.

    Kind regards and thanks! 
  • Sorry my mistake :)
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