Restoration Opportunities Optimization Tool (ROOT) release

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Hello NatCap community,

We are very excited to release the Restoration Opportunities Optimization Tool (ROOT), a new ecosystem service software tool to assist with forest landscape restoration planning. The tool helps inform smarter and more targeted investments in forest landscape restoration decisions by illustrating which restoration opportunities may provide the greatest benefits at the lowest cost. ROOT can be useful for visualizing the full range of possible restoration options and identifying tradeoffs and synergies between multiple objectives for restoration.

Feel free to use ROOT with the sample data or your own data. We look forward to hearing your feedback and incorporating it into future releases!

Jesse Gourevitch
Ecosystem Services Analyst 
Natural Capital Project
Institute on the Environment
University of Minnesota

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  • Dear Gourevitchj,

    Thank you for sharing the opportunity to explore the ROOT tool. I'm very interested in exploring it but I couldn't find the ROOT.exe within the downloaded .zip file. The compressed directory contains only the shortcut of the ROOT.exe. Could you please help me to solve the issue?

    Many thanks in advance.


    Adrian Dwiputra
    Natural Resources Management Tools Developer
    623 x 178 - 13K
  • Hi Adrian,

    Thank you for your interest in ROOT. The executable file is located in the 'dist' folder and is called 'forestoptimization.exe'. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Dear NatCap community,

     This new tool looks really interesting to me and I'm trying to run my data on it, but I'm having some problems..I got this MerroryError, and I'm not sure if is due of the size of my raster files... or maybe something that is not correctly is possible to run it with large data sets?




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