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Progress Bar Error

Hi! It is my first time on this MOOC, and I do not know what is the problem with it. When I check my progress, the bars for Module 2 and 3 are gray. Moreover, it is saying that I have 88% of the course complete, as I have done all the required assignments (except one question in module 3 that I cannot restart). However, when I asked for my letter of accomplishment, I only received Level 1. Does anybody know what I can do now?

Thank you in advance!


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    Hello @GeorgeGavrila and any future student : )


    I think that the bars for each Module simply have different colors, so the "gray" doesn't mean you didn't do something there. It just makes it easier to see where the different percentages come from in the "Total" Stacked Bar Graph.

    letter of accomplishment

    According to the Course Info (FAQ #2), you will need to complete also the 2 optional assessments to receive the Level 2 SoA:

    Level 1: Students who complete only Modules 1 and 2 will receive a Statement of Accomplishment in "Intro to Ecosystem Services".

    Level 2: Students who complete Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 (including the 2 optional assessments) will receive a Statement of Accomplishment in "Ecosystem Services and Applications".


    Hope this helps! : )
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    1. Dear sir,

      Thank you very much for your response. The truth is that I did in fact complete the two extra assignments that you have mentioned about. Despite this fact, the "gray bars" did not change to 100% course completion, therefore even though i finished everything that was required from me to receive level 2, I only received level 1 as (somehow) i did not figure as having compliting level 2. I believe there must have been a bug in the system, as I received your reply a long time after finishing the course, and still does not figure as complete.

      Best Regards,
      George Gavrila
    2. martinmartin Member
      Hei @GeorgeGavrila!

      I understand - then it must have been a different issue. I am myself also only taking the course (I'm not part of the staff), and wrote the answer just now for possible future reference : )

      I did assume that it's probably too late for you - anyways: did you write an email to course support regarding this issue?
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