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Ranking of soil texture index for the baseflow objective


I'd just like to get confirmation of a possible misprint in the RIOS documentation. 

On page 52, it shows that soil texture index is minimized for the ranking of baseflow. This is indicated by the ~ sign. However, based on the explanation at the bottom of the page, soil textures with higher values (indicating finer textures) should be ranked higher because they will saturate faster and produce more runoff. And activities should be done on places producing more runoff. 

Is the ~ a misprint? Shouldn't we need to assign higher rankings to finer textures?



  • adrianvogladrianvogl Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi jelliso,
    The concept behind the soil texture in the baseflow enhancement objective is that the model wants to prioritize places where the soil properties are conducive to infiltrating any excess runoff that is captured by activities.  You are right that you would want to improve vegetation cover in places where there is currently higher runoff, but this characteristic is reflected in the LULC-based parameters rough_rank and cover_rank. The idea is that if you improve retention in places where the soil conditions are not conducive to infiltration and recharge, then you would have less impact on baseflow than if you target areas with more infiltration capacity.  Therefore the factor weight is minimized such that places with higher values for soil texture are ranked the lowest.

  • Thanks Adrian,

    All clear now! 

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