RIOS 1.0.0b2 released for testing

jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
edited June 2013 in RIOS
RIOS 1.0.0b2 has been released, as of about 10 minutes into the future. This release includes a couple of bugfixes from 1.0.0b1 and will likely be the version released to the public at the Washington DC release next week.

Click here to download RIOS 1.0.0b2



  • adrianvogladrianvogl Member, NatCap Staff
    I am so excited about the final public release of RIOS!
    Look for the User's Guide coming out later this week, too.

    Three cheers to the RIOS Kings and the software team for a truly heroic effort!
  • Booya. excited to get the RIOS 1.0 on!!
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