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Coastal Protection - profile generator under ArcGIS 10.3.1

Hi everyone,
I am new to InVEST and i´m finding the tools very interesting to dig deeper. 

My problem is with the coastal protection model profie generator. i am following the exemple in "Running the model" found in the manual with the data provided by the InVEST installer, and puting the exact files refered in there, but keeping getting an error when running the profile generator:

Failed to execute (ProfileGenerator22).
Failed at Wed Feb 03 14:10:42 2016 (Elapsed Time: 0,05 seconds)

I am runing ArcGIS 10.3.1 in windows 10 and can´t find the problem. In the InVEST site i see that the python tools for download is only to ArcGIS 10.2 version. Could this be the problem?

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi Jacinto,

    Thanks for your comment.
    We are currently working to refactor the Coastal Protection (Nearshore Waves and Erosion) model away from the Arc platform to the standalone InVEST platform, and I am not surprised that you are getting errors with the older Arc model. 

    If you are just trying to get a sense of the InVEST models, I would recommend taking a look at the InVEST Coastal Vulnerability model instead.  This is available in InVEST and you should be able to run the model using the sample data included with the model download (you have to opt to download sample data when you run the installer, FYI).   

    If you are specifically interested in running the Coastal Protection model at your site, I can work with you to get that set up and we can continue this conversation over email.  I am available at

    Thank you!

  • Thank you Jess,

    Do you have some release date for the standalone version?
     I´m still interested in the Coastal protection. I will take a look at the Coastal Vulnerability model and then contact you by email about seting up the Coastal Protection model.

    Thank you again!

  • Hi Jacinto,

    There are two components to the Coastal Protection model, the Profile Generator and the Wave Model.  The Profile Generator is up and functional in the stand alone InVEST platform, but I will have to give you additional guidance on how to format your inputs and can provide some example sample data.  The Wave Model is not in InVEST yet and I don't have a release date.  I do, however, have python scripts to run the Wave Model which I can share, but it would involve some back and forth between us to get it all up and running for you.

    Happy to help when you are ready,

  • Hi Jess, thank you for your feedback.

    In my instalation (3.2.0)  I dont have the stand alone version of the profile generator, and i think it is the latest. It is only the arctoolbox that is included.

    Let me check the other models i want to practice and test and when I am ready we can discuss the python scripts over email. I am still a begginer in python scripting and in modelling but with study and a little help I get there!

    thank you again jess for the great support!


  • Hi Jacinto,

    Navigate through file explorer to the InVEST folder, and look in the invest-3-x86 folder.  Scroll down until you find all the executables (the type of file is Application), and open the invest_nearshore_waves_and_erosion executable.  It's 'hidden' from the main InVEST menu since it isn't completed.

  • ileeyaileeya Member

    Hi Jess and Jacinto,

    I am exploring the  Invest models for mangrove ecosystem services, at the moment I am having a go familiarizing myself  with  the model using the sample data. Ive been trying to run the coastal protection model- profile generator- following the instructions carefully for 3 days now but  I keeping  getting an empty output for the cross-shore -html_txt- which I need to run the second sub model (near wave erosion) any help pls?
  • jfrcjfrc Member
    Hi Ileeya,
    I am not working with that model right now, being busy with other work. I am planningto start working with some invest models for my work soon. Last time I used that model, I follow the instruction and was able to generate outputs for my area. Do you the same coordinate system for all data? last time that I was having problems, the problem was that.

    But Jess is the right person to have a better answer for you.


  • Hi Ileeya,

    We have a new coastal engineer on staff and are refactoring the nearshore waves and erosion model.  My best recommendation would be to wait on that.  The model in it's current form is very buggy, as it only got partially implemented, and even if you generate profiles from the profile generator you won't be able to run the nearshore waves and erosion model because it isn't finished. 

    If you have specific questions you would like to discuss please feel free to contact me at  It may be that the coastal vulnerability model could be a good place to start.

  • ileeyaileeya Member

    Dear Jacinto and jeez,

    Thanks for your responses.
     Jacinto, yes I ensured the co-ordinate systems was uniform. @Jess,  that is fine. I'll do that


  • sunxiaomengsunxiaomeng Member
    edited August 2016

    Dear Jess, Jacinto and lleeya,

    now studying the Coastal Protection model (InVEST 3.2.0), though it is with bugs.
    And I’ve been trying to run the “Profile Generator” and there are some output,
    while I run the “Nearshore Wave and Erosion” and Compute Economic Valuations,
    there are no more outputs. Why? How I can get it? 


    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes!


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  • Hi Feng,

    We are currently re-factoring the Nearshore Waves and Erosion Model and the current version that you're looking at isn't usable.  We should have something within six months that is stable enough to beta test.  If your timeline is very tight, may I suggest checking out a very similar model called XBeach.  Also, have you run the InVEST Coastal Vulnerability model?  Many users find that this model is a good place to start, or may even be sufficient to answer the study questions.


  • Hi Jess,
    I see. Thank you so much!

    Best wishes
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