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Would you guys please help me with the user guide/tutorial of MESH. I am in badly need of it


  • I would be happy to help. What was was your specific question? We are still in the process of getting the users' guide online, but perhaps I can send you materials directly.
  • That would be nice. Please send me the materials. this is my mail id. my professor told me to learn MESH for a project
  • I'll send those along, and then update the thread here for others once I get the materials online.
  • Also, I've created a new post with a link to a video I created that provides a tutorial. See the general discussion page of this forum.
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    Disregard my previous comment. I put the materials in the Experimental Software Section, not the general discussion page. The video is here:
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  • Thanks a lot brother :)
  • Would you please give me all the necessary files that is required for a successful run that u had shown in the tutorial. Because my MESH is saying that due to license issue it is not installed
  • The run will be for test trial. So any kind of shape file/other necessary file would be helpful for me
  • The base data is still a work in progress (but expect very cool stuff very soon), and the Hydrosheds watershed shapefiles I used are under a tricky license. As a result, I cannot provide them all here. I will email you a google drive link for a temporary download however. Once you get the folder, extract it into the base_data folder where you installed mesh. 

    If others are curious in this, the 1.0 release of MESH will have all the data aspects figured out and will distribute them with the program. Even without the base_data (and maruf2812, this may be the better answer for you long term), you can follow the Getting Data sections of each InVEST model you are running, found in the InVEST users' guide, and just place the data you get/make into the [project_name]/input folder.
  • what is the meaning of this error? when i try to run carbon storage model this error is showing
    1440 x 900 - 122K
  • That error means that the geotiff you inputted is still in a geographic coordinate system (spherical) rather than a projected system (warping the sphere to be flat). 

    More specifically, it looks like you inputted the whole global MODIS map as the input. Its often best to focus on a specific area. Once you have chosen a specific area, you should project your data into a suitable projection. The MESH Baseline Data Generator does the projection for you (in the context of just the carbon model). After checking the box for the carbon, run the baseline data generator and use the file it produces rather than the global map. This should fix your problem for now.

    You may also want to consider checking out some of the general resources on running InVEST models (particularly the online MOOC videos you can find on our site). It is necessary to understand each of the underlying InVEST models before one can really use them well in MESH. 
  • Thanks a lot :)
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