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Optional Assesment: Belize

anaana Member
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Good afternoon

I have a question about the second exercise of Module 4. Optional Assesment: Belize.

After performing the manual post-processing in this assessment, sum all the cells for the recreation expenditures values ("ud_exp" column in the attribute table) for the Informed Management scenario map(bz_Recreation_IM.shp).
My solution: at the top of the column ud_exp I put Statistics. The sum is equal to: 785639845248.4753


1. This is the correct form to do the process?

2. Enter the total value of expenditures for this scenario (rounded to the nearest million) and click "Submit". Hint: Answer should be numeric and contain only three digits.

How express this answer: 

Rounded to the nearest million: 790000000000.000 or 800000000000.000

Contain only three digits: 790 or 800?

I appreciate your colaboration. 


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  • gverutesgverutes Moderator, NatCap Staff
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    Hi Ana,
    Sorry for the slow response.  Yes, you will want to round to the nearest million.  However, I think the sum you computed in GIS is incorrect.  It should be in the hundreds of millions and not in the hundreds of billions.
    Let us know if you still experience issues.

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