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Keyerror: nan


I was searching this forum for any info on "Keyerror: nan", but it seems no one has encountered it before.

I had suspected "nan" values in my LU map, but there are none. Unfortunately, I'm unable to determine from the log (attached) which raster is causing the problem. 

Any help is much appreciated,


  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi, I'm not sure what that error is, but I also note that the source code of the current version of RIOS on my end isn't lining up with the line errors in your log.  Just want to make sure first of all that you're using the 1.1.14 release of RIOS here:

    If not, can you try that and post your error again?  And let me know if you are using 1.1.14 and we can work from there.
  • Hi Rich,

    Updating to version 1.1.14 (from 1.1.13) solved the issue. Thanks!

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