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RIOS activity score layers


I was reading the RIOS manual and I have a question about how activity score layers are calculated.  In Figure 6, the manual states 
"Each transition score is assigned to the activity that causes that transition, producing the biophysical activity score".  In the RIOS step-by-step guide (page 14), the manual states "activity_scores: Folder containing rasters showing the final calculated score across the landscape for each activity. The files named <activity>_<suffix>.tif contain scores across the whole area of interest."

I have been looking at my own results to understand how activity score layers are calculated, and I can't see how they come about.  Is there an explanation I am missing?



  • adrianvogladrianvogl Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Kathy,
    I would refer you to the RIOS User Guide, Figure 6 (page 17) for a conceptual schematic of how the scores are calculated, going from the objective/transition scores, to the transition scores (across all objectives), to the activity scores.

    The equations for how the objective/transition scores are calculated are given in Section III - Model Descriptions.  These are calculated for each objective and there are two different equations, depending on whether the transition is intended to maintain good areas intact (Keep native vegetation) or to improve degraded areas (all other transitions).

    If you have further questions after reviewing these details, please feel free to re-post.

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