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Do you offer hands-on training to use and develop Invest modules ?

Hello, within the framework of a large European project, I has been asked to work with Invest and change some things related to forest ecosystems that, at judge of my colleagues, are modelled in a too simplistic way.
I wonder if you offer some sort of few-days "hands-on" training for using and developing modules of the the invest software.. e.g. I never used mercury, but I am confident with cvs/svn/git.. I use python, but not necessary using the same development environment that the one you use (e.g. I used Qt for C++ development, but never used pyqt).. I am aware of the nice developing instruction on, but I believe a few days kick-off practical training would be much more quicked in kiccking  off development..


  • HenryBHenryB Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff

    We do offer hands-on training courses, but typically on the usage of our models, rather than the development. The best place to learn more about the training courses that we do offer and to keep track of upcoming workshops is on the Training Program portion of our website


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