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Welcome to the forums for the Natural Capital Project (NatCap)! These forums are intended as a free space for users to get help from one another and from NatCap staff on issues relating to the InVEST toolkit.


Where can I find the latest version of the InVEST software?

The latest version of the software is version 2.5.4, which was released on June 7, 2013. It can be found at the InVEST download site here.

Where can I find more information about how to use a particular model?

The documentation for the current release of InVEST is available on the download page for the software, or you can use the direct link here.

I don't have an ArcGIS license, can I still use your software?

YES! Absolutely. The new version of InVEST has a standalone installer for the Windows operating system (Vista/7/8). It will create separate executables for each model in the toolbox, and allow you the option of downloading some relevant sample data. These models can be run entirely independently of ArcGIS, though you will want to have a GIS visualizer in order to view some results. A free one, QGIS, can be found at the Quantum GIS page, here.

The model broke, and it's giving me an error message. What do I do?

First things first, check out what the error message says. A lot of the time, the error message will tell you exactly what the problem is, and which files will need to be altered in order to fix it. If the error message isn't clear, you should try searching for the error in this forum- some other user may have encountered your exact error before. If all else fails, start a new Discussion. Try to give as much detail as possible by posting the exact log output you got, or even uploading the data that you ran it with. The more information you give us, the better we can help you.

Some common errors we tend to see:

- Projection errors -
Check that all of your data is in the same projection. Many of the models can't run on files with multiple spatial projections.

- UI Red X's -
These are validation errors with the data you're trying to input. If you hover over them, the X's should tell you what the problem is with your intended input.

- No Overlap errors -
If the model you're running requires two overlapping shapes or rasters, and your data does not provide these, you may get this error. You will want to provide the model with proper inputs in order to get a correct output.

-If All Else Fails-
While all of the models should run properly with multi-lingual characters (unicode), there are occasional issues that crop up. If nothing else seems to be working, try changing all file names to the standard set of English characters. Additionally, any floats should be separated by decimal places, NOT commas, for all numerical inputs.

Can't Login/ Having Trouble with Registration?
Shoot an email to kglowins{at}stanford{dot}edu. If you're looking to register and can't through the automated process, include your desired username and email address.
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