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Habitat Quality

I'm running the model habitat quality , but I have doubts about the threat data (required ) : A CSV table of all the threats you want the model to consider.
1. MAX_DIST column : the maximum distance over which each threat affects habitat quality (measured in km). The impact of each source will be reduced to zero degradation in the maximum distance .
2. Column DECAY : the type of deterioration in the space of the threat. You can have the value of either "linear" or " exponential " .
These are data that I have left clear in the elaboration of the model.
Thank you for your help


  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff

    Are there specific doubts and concerns we could help with?

    What is it that you do not understand regarding the threat.csv file?

    We're here and happy to help!

  • yeah, thanks for your help
    The column to the table to threats, MAX_DIST is not clear to me. where does the value of the distance of each threat, you might perform in ArcGIS with Euclidean distance? or is there a proposed formula for the value of each?
  • RichRich Administrator, NatCap Staff
    The MAX_DIST value is the maximum distance that your threat can affect habitat.  it will come from your data directly.  For example, you might have a road threat that affects habitat up to 500m away.  500m would be the value of MAX_DIST in that case.
  • Hi Rich,

    Would you have the MAX_DIST written as 500 or at 0.5?


  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    The MAX_DIST should be entered as a value of Kilometers. So a value of 500 meters should be entered as 0.5 km
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