Export cofficients

Does anybody have an idea of nutrient exportation(n and p) values from a tea plantations and it's efficiency of nutrient retention?please let me know. thnx


  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @indika,

    I'm gonna ping @Perrine and @adrianvogl to see if maybe they have any input or can point you in the right direction!


  • adrianvogladrianvogl Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi @indika,
    We have a parameter value database that we have compiled for the freshwater models.  There does not seem to be much there on tea but it could provide you a good place to start:

    In a recent application, we were unable to find many good sources on Tea specifically so we ended up using a generic value for "crops" based on the above database.

    A good source for this kind of information could be local universities - you could check if any students have done plot- or field-level studies on tea areas to measure nutrient uptake and export.  If you are able to find any better values, it would be great if you would consider contributing your findings to our database.  Just send us the sources that you found and we will make sure to add them to help future users.

    Sorry I cannot help with more specifics!


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