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Entry Point not Found error

On the last 3 releases of InVEST (at least, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, and 3.2.0), I get the error message in the attached image, which reads "the procedure entry point <jumble> could not be found in the dynamic link library xerces-c_2_8.dll. I am currently running multiple versions of python and multiple versions of InVEST including a customized fork of the InVEST code, which may be leading to this error. I can bypass the error by running the python files directly rather than through the compiled executables, but the error still presents a problem when I am showing others how to use InVEST in the default way.

This may just be a unique unreproducible bug specific to my system, but I wanted to check here in case others might run across the same problem.


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hmmm ... this error is strange indeed.  From the screenshot, it looks like you're trying to run the precompiled InVEST binaries, but then the error in the CMD shell says that it's trying to load a couple of DLLs from your global python installation.  My guess is that we're compiling our applications with a version of GDAL that is different from what you have on your system (our build server currently has GDAL 1.10.1).  What version of GDAL do you have on your computer?  Even if the version you have installed to your global python directory differs from what we build with, I still would not expect this error to happen.

    What's especially strange to me is that our frozen binaries are looking in your global python directory before looking in the exe's directory.  What's in your %PATH% environment variable?  And how are you calling the executables?
  • Hi James, It may be the gdal version. I'm running 1.11.0. I'll downgrade that and see if that fixes it. I am running the binaries using the standard start-menu method. My path variable is an absolute mess, so so that may also contribute, but each of the vars are currently needed, so I will have to go through them one by one. To that end, is there anything I should be looking for in the vars that may be the culprit? Thanks.
  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Justin,

    That would be very interesting if downgrading GDAL fixes it!  The specific GDAL binaries/installer we use are available from here (, if that's helpful.

    We've had similar issues with procedure entry points for DLLs (though not exactly the same) when using Python 2.7.10 ... would you happen to be using this version of Python?  If so, downgrading to 2.7.9 seems to fix the issue for us and may for this issue as well.

    With regard to your PATH, I'm not really sure if there's anything specific that we could check for ... I'm looking at my PATH and there isn't anything specifically python-related.  Could you include your PATH here in the thread so we can take a look?  "echo %PATH%" at a cmd prompt should do the trick.

    Speaking of environment variables, do you have a %GDAL_DATA% environment variable set, and if so, where does it point to?  I'm curious because some versions of the GDAL/osgeo python package have a little conditional to only set the GDAL_DATA environment variable to use the local GDAL binaries if GDAL_DATA has NOT already been set.  Could cause problems, for sure.

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