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[Pygeoprocessing] Availability of the "fill pits" tool

I have been working on a tool that take a single watershed shapefile and take care of all the steps necessary to build a CTI GeoTIFF. The script is mainly based on Pygeoprocessing as well as other popular modules, it works pretty well but is lacking a really important step : the filling of pits within the DEM.
It was mentioned on this forum that the Pygeoprocessing module didn't really do it yet, I was wondering if someone around here know when such a tool is likely to appear. I unfortunately don't have the skills to build my own script so I am relying on the incredible work of those(/this) guys :D. My deadline is still far ahead but that would help to see if it is planned in a near future or not as no other real python tools have this function yet.
Thanks for your help (again)


  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @j_schro, pit resolution is something that we definitely have plans to do, but we don't yet know for sure when it'll be ready for release.  Hang in there, and I'll try to include a note here when we have pit filling ready!

  • Awesome,
    thanks a lot!
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