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"Utility" area of the Toolbox space on the NatCap site

Given the growing amount of useful utilities being created by the NatCap project--and given that many are relevant to multiple models, I would love to see these tools grouped in an easily findable part of the website (maybe a link in the "Toolbox" pulldown menu) where these utilities are grouped together with guidance on 1) how they "map" to the various models, and 2) how they work and tips. 


  • gverutesgverutes Moderator, NatCap Staff
    Great suggestion, Pete.  

    We are currently building a space within our new website to compile different tools (produced by NatCap and others).  This section will describe how they have been applied in the past as well as lessons learned and tips.  A preview of our new website is here:

    In the meantime, please see our "Experimental Software Tools" discussion (link is on the left panel of this forum at the bottom).  This discussion provides descriptions and links to tools currently under development as well as the opportunity to request tools and features that you would like to see available to make your work with InVEST easier.
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