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Activity cost - SubSaharan Africa context

Blal_AdemBlal_Adem Member
Hello Natcappers!

First of all, congratulations for the release of RIOS 1.1.0!

I am writing to ask for suggestion regarding the unit cost; I am running the module "Erosion control for reservoir maintenance"  and I'd like to know where I can get the unit cost of the activities listed below. 
My case study is in Sub-Saharan Africa, so I was wondering if there is any database (WorldBank, FAO) or other case study, which gives an idea of what the unit cost might be like, or at least the proportion. For sure in the future this information will have to be collected from the stakeholders, but to start with I could use some general data.

Thank you

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  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Blal -

    Definitely work with stakeholders to get local costs. To get started, one place to look is WOCAT - they provide a database of conservation/restoration approach case studies from around the world, some of which include costs.

    Also, we modeled some of these activities as part of a study in Kenya, and from talking with stakeholders obtained the following costs (in Kenyan shillings):

    reforestation: 98,000 Ksh/hectare (we also used this for agroforestry and riparian restoration)
    grass strips: 12,000 Ksh/ha
    terracing: 30,000 Ksh/ha

    ~ Stacie
  • Hi Stacie,

    Thank you for the WOCAT link, it is a really interesting database.
    As you mentioned it is extremely important to work with the stakeholder; nevertheless, I think the values you used for the Kenyan study could be a good starting point.

    As for the modeling with RIOS, I managed to solve all the small problems that I had with the preprocessing part and actually did some simulation. Thank you for your valuable support. 
    At the moment I am in the process building some investment scenario, which I have summarized in the attached file.
    I was wondering if you could give it a quick look (it won't take long I hope) and give me some feedback.

    Thank you in advace for your availability,


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