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Coastal Protection Profile Generator = no output

I have downloaded and installed the latest InVEST software and have followed the tutorial using the information found in the Wave Attenuation & Erosion Reduction: Coastal Protection module of the documentation.
Everything seems to go smoothly; the dialog box does not indicate any issues, but there is no output. I get the FetchDistances_Dune_2m.txt file as an output but nothing else.
Any ideas as to what is going on? Is there some detail in the documentation that I neglected to follow? It's likely something obvious, but so far I can't see it!
Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.


  • JLoerzelJLoerzel Member
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    It seems that without the Cross-Shore Profile (that is supposed to be derived from the Profile Generator module) the Nearshore Waves and Erosion module is pretty much unusable (read: useless).
    Is there something wrong with the sample data?
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  • Hi JL,

    The model you are trying to use is the deprecated 2.x model and I am not surprised it is not working for you.  This model is currently being refactored and implemented in the InVEST 3.X software.  The profile generator component of the model is complete, and the wave model is being finished.  I am not sure when the official release date for this model in InVEST will be, but if you are eager to begin working with it, it may be possible to beta-test it.  Please send me an email at and we can talk more offline.

    Thank you!

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