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RIOS v1.1.0 released

adrianvogladrianvogl Member, NatCap Staff
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Today we released RIOS 1.1.0 which patches a variety of issues in
the Investment Portfolio Adviser, re-instates the Portfolio
Translator module, as well as some very tricky issues related to
core data processing.  A feature list and download link is below.

* The Portfolio Translator module of RIOS has been improved and
added back to the RIOS toolset. This module can be used to turn RIOS
activity portfolio outputs into inputs for InVEST SDR and Water
Yield models.

* It is no longer required to map land use/land cover classes to €˜general€™ LULC types in the LULC Classification Table. Instead,
users provide an LULC Biophysical Coefficients table, which contains
much of the same coefficient information as the previous
general_lulc_coefficients.csv (but without the general_lulc mapping), and including fields related to InVEST SDR and Water Yield

* The clumping function for activities has been disabled, due to
unexpected behavior near stream channels that caused activities to
be preferentially chosen away from streams.  This function is being
further developed and we expect to re-introduce it in a future

* Performance enhancements and various bug fixes.

Enjoy, and please share the good news!

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