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Habitat Quality model problem

Hi all. I am pretty new to inVEST tool and I'm excited to use it for my data... looks really promising. I am currently trying to run the Habitat Quality model, and am having some issues especially with both dbf. files threats and sensitivity.

I followed the instructions in the documentation but they both show a warning sign instead of a tick, saying "an unexpected error was found during validation, use the input at your own risk". I am using just one threat layer which is .IMG, and two LULC layers. The names of the threat layers do match with the names in the .dbf table so I don't know what I might be doing wrong. Any ideas?

Also, probably many of you derive your layers from arcgis. I could not find a way to get decimal pixel values in integer raster types. Any ideas about this?



  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff

    So sorry for this, apparently our User's Guide documentation got a little outdated with some updates to the model. We no longer support dbf files as inputs for the threat and sensitivity tables. Instead we now support CSV files.

    The model should handle IMG files correctly. 

    I'm curious to raster layer you are trying to construct in regards to getting decimal values into an integer raster... Is this for the threats raster?

    Again, sorry for the documentation discrepancy. I'll update that pronto. Thanks
  • Sofia85Sofia85 Member
    thank you so much for this! I will try with .csv files then.
    yes. I've got a threat raster and was trying to give it values between 0-1. This isn't posisible with integer rasters though but if I convert it to float I lose the attribute table.
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