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A Place to Share Community-Contributed Parameter Sets for Fisheries Model

WillBWillB NatCap Staff
Hi All,

With the release of the InVEST Fisheries model, this discussion thread has been setup as a way for users to share their own parameter sets for the model.

The Fisheries model currently comes with example parameter sets for four species in three locations around the world:

+ Blue Crab (Galveston Bay, Texas, USA)
+ Dungness Crab (Hood Canal, Washington, USA)
+ Spiny Lobster (Belize)
+ White Shrimp (Galveston Bay, Texas, USA)

For guidance on how to customize the model to your own needs, please see the Fisheries User's Guide.

We'll look forward to seeing any models people are willing to share below!  Thank you!
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