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HRA acceptable data

We are trying to develop a model and get data for it. I am wondering what kind of data can be entered apart from polygons. Other questions included. I am a recent user of GIS and mapping so please excuse my lack of wisdom if too evident!

-can it use landsat 8 data (RASTERS)?

-We are developing a model for small creeks and bayous that are small. Will this be an inconvenient in any way?

-Should the model be run both with Euclidean and Multiplicative?

Thanks a lot already.


  • Hi Juanin22,
    Thanks for your interest in the HRA model.  No, the model does not use landsat 8 data directly, but you can pre-process those data to create separate vector files of each habitat type.  These should be in shapefile/polygon format.  It is fine to develop the model for small creeks and bayous.  The model does not need to be run with both Euclidean and Multiplicative approaches to calculating risk.  You should pick one.  If you are interested in understanding the components of risk, exposure and consequence, then I recommend using euclidean. 
    Best, Katie
  • Well, thank you a lot! Thanks for answering so diligently.
  • Hello,

    A new doubt has arisen! I am trying to run the model with both habitats and species at risk; It won't, however, select my habitats folder and I don't understand why. When the CSV files are delivered there is none about the habitat to be rated. Why is this happening? Because of this I am not able to conjugate stressors and the creek(habitat) I am trying to study.

    Best, Juan
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