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HRA Preprocessor Clarification

DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
@Luinil has a question regarding the spatially explicit folder in HRA Preprocessing and the outputs generated from the tool:

"... do you know the difference between the files in the habitat_stressor_ratings_sample folder and habitat_stressor_ratings_sample_spatial forlder? Currently, it's the same files. 

Moreover, after the preprocessor run, there is the creation of a new folder and new files, do we have to change something in these files?"

Hoping to get some help from @Dave or @karkema

Thanks team!


  • DaveDave Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Okay, the preprocessor run creates the directory called "habitat_stressor_ratings". Inside this directory will be CSV files, 1 for each habitat. These CSV files serve as templates, the user must open them (in Excel for example) and edit the values/ratings. See this section of the User's guide for more details.

    The preprocessor tool has a checkbox option to "include spatially explicit criteria". In the HRA sample data, see the folder Input/Spatially_Explicit_Criteria/Exposure for examples of the inputs required to use this option. Also see item #5 in this section of User's guide:

    If spatially explicit criteria is used in the preprocessor, then the CSV files that get created in the "habitat_stressor_ratings" directory will have some ratings already filled based on the spatially explicit criteria (aka the shapefiles in the folder Input/Spatially_Explicit_Criteria/Exposure)

    This explanation from the User's Guide:
    "Any criteria which use spatially explicit criteria (specified by the user during the HRA Preprocessor) will be noted in the CSV by the word ‘SHAPE’ in the rating column for that habitat, stressor, or combined criteria. The user should still fill in a Data Quality and Weight for these criteria, but should NOT remove the ‘SHAPE’ string unless they no longer desire to use a spatial criteria for that attribute."

    So to answer your question about the difference between the CSV files in "habitat_stressor_ratings_sample" folder and the "...sample_spatial" folder. I expected that these two folders represent two different runs of the preprocessor, one with spatially explicit criteria and one without. But then I also exptected to see that word 'SHAPE' in some of the fields in the "sample_spatial" files, but it's not there and I'm not sure why. 

    Hope that helps!
  • Hi Dave,

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thank you for your help! So if I have well understood, the ratings in the file (.csv) created are the same as in the input files? Is it necessary to enter it again?

    Thanks so much!
  • DaveDave Member, Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi Luinil,

    The stressor_ratings.csv file created by the HRA pre-processor does not have ratings in it. The pre-processor created this file as an empty template for you to open up and enter in all of the ratings. Then this csv file becomes an input for the main HRA model.

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