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Global dataset for Blue Carbon Model

Hi InVEST users;

A question for those who have used
the draft global dataset for BCM.

Can anyone explain the following
formula that is being used to calculate soil carbon storage in saltmarsh

 Carbon storage (t CO2e ha-1)
= (Carbon density
(g cm-3)* 10^6 * 10^4 * 44)/(12 * 10^6)

I know 44/12 (3.67)
is the molecular weight of CO
2 which is needed for
converting “t C ha
-1” to “t CO2e ha-”.



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    It is just the conversion rate for g/cmto t/ha:
    There are:
    1,000,000 cm3 in 1 m2
    10,000 m2 in 1 ha
    and 1,000,000 g in a metric ton (Mg)


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  • Hi Brad;

    Thanks for your quick response that confirms my understanding of the formula. This means that soil carbon stock is calculated for 100cm depth with this assumption that soil density is uniformly distributed across the sediment profile. Is that right?

    Do you have any idea of the blank cells in the Depth Column of the database, do they mean the carbon density is measured at 100cm depth?

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