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In RIOS v1.0.0b10- lulc coefficient csv no longer works

kfreemankfreeman Member
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I downloaded RIOS v1.0.0b10 and tried to run it with a general_lulc_coefficients.csv file that I had used in runs with the previous version. I receive an error when entering the file name. The message that pops up is: "ERROR: Required field: "C_sed_factor" not found in [list of column names]".

What requirements have changed regarding this input file, if they have changed?



  • The RIOS version I am using is version 1.0.0b11, not v1.0.0b10.

  • swolnyswolny Member, NatCap Staff
    Hi Kathy -

    The requirement for this (and several other fields) is left over from when RIOS had 3 tools, the 3rd of which ran InVEST models - this field was used by the 3rd tool, is not used currently, but the check for the field names hasn't been removed. Sorry about that.

    So what you need to do is add the following fields to your general_lulc_coefficients.csv file, and you can give them all values of 1 - they will not actually be used by RIOS:


    ~ Stacie
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