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Natcap forums will be migrating to a new server soon

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Hi All, we'll soon be migrating the Natural Capital Project forums to to have a professional looking URL, consistent with our website address, as well as having the reliability of a cloud server. At the moment all this stuff lives on a rickety desktop machine in Paul Erlich's old flight lab on the lovely Stanford University campus.

When the rollover occurs you'll notice that the theme of the forum will be a little different, hopefully more professional, but the base content of posts, users, and comments will be retained. Login information should be the same, although I am not certain about the Google OpenID logins. If there any issues and you can't log into the forum, please email me directly at

We'll keep you updated on the rollover, more soon!


  • DougDoug Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Exciting times! Looking forward to the switch and the new look!
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