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coastal vulnerability/natural habitat option

JenDJenD Member
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I am unable to get the model to run with my natural habitat data. I have polygon shapefiles for 5 different habitat types in a unique directory. All shapefiles are projected in meters. I also have the associated CSV file, formatted as indicated in directions. When I try to run I get the following error
"The model couldn't find a raster file for habitat 'forestedwetlands'. Please make sure the habitat and corresponding file are spelled correctly"
There is no discrepancy in spelling between the shapefile name and the Habitat name in the CSV file. I don't understand why its looking for a raster file. The run log is attached. Any advice is greatly appreciated
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  • That's intriguing. And I assumed that you made sure that the number suffix associated with the habitat type is the same in the folder and csv file, correct?

    The model programmer will get back to you on this shortly.

  • NicNic Member, Moderator
    Hello Jen,

    I am perplexed too, as this error has been triggered by mis-spellings in the past. If after checking what Greg suggested you still experience issues with the model, I'd like to have a look at your input data.

    To answer your question, the model is looking for a raster because it's working on discretized data. The inputs that need to are rasterized first, and then the model process them. What would happen in this case is that somehow, there is a habitat name mis-spelling, or in very rare circumstances, no habitat is detected within the AOI, in which case the model simply ignores it.

    Hope this helps,
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