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Problem in Module 3 in NCP-101 Introduction to the Natural Capital Project Aproach

tontonuktontonuk Member
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Well in Optional Asssment: Colombia, I already downloaded the InVEST software and the file with the inputs nedded, I launched the InVESt “Hidropower/ Water Yield” model using the Windows “Start” menu, but when I want to Fill out the inputs to the WY model using the provided Colombia input Data, I select the folder where is the data, but it do not appear.
That is my problem, I want to run the model but I can not because the input data do not appear when I select from the model, although the data Is located at that location.

could someone give me any advice? Please

Attachment: 1)Image folder with files and 2) image data selection model with the same folder but empty.
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  • jdouglassjdouglass Administrator, NatCap Staff
    Hi @tontonuk,  so sorry for not responding sooner!  When specifying inputs to the model, you'll need to go through and specify each input individually, and the selection dialogs that pop up are specific to what needs to be selected.  In the case of your second attachment, only the folder is showing because the `workspace` input to the model requires that a folder be specified.  When you select a file input (for all of your other inputs to this model), you'll see all of the files in the input data folder that can be selected.  You'll then need to go through each input file in the tool interface in the same way and select the correct file.

    Hope this helps!
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