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the out put of coastal protection erosion model

stellastella Member
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hi InVEST users~
there is a quetion ~
I read the guide book carefully and it says :The Erosion Protection model quantifies the protection provided by habitats in terms of the avoided damages to property due to erosion from waves.But I can not find anything relative to the valuation in the file of _wavemodel_outputs,could you help me ?


  • Did you check the box that enables valuation?

    Also, the output is in the output html page. If you have run the model with the valuation option checked, you should see something on the html page.

    Let me know if that's not the case.

  • Hi Greg~
    yes I checked that box and typed some datas just as same as the guide book.I can see several graphs (wave hight and depth ...),they are all about geography,no valuation.

    According to what you said, if I have run this model succefully,then I can find valuation output on the html page ,right? I thought I have to check in GIS,thank you for telling me that.

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi Greg~

    I am so sorry I made a mistake before,I just run the model again,and now I can see the valuation .Maybe I forgot to check that box initially.Thank you very much!

    Best wishes
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